Kansas City Auto Detailing: Wheel Maintenance

Auto Detailing in Kansas CityProperly detailing your car’s wheels is an important part in the auto detail system. A set of good looking rims and tires is going to take the appearance of the vehicle to a totally new quality. Dirty or damaged wheels and tires however is going to take away from the overall look of the nice car.

Would you like a few do’s, don’ts and tips about how to keep the rims looking expertly cleaned? As far as helping your auto rims to appear their very best, there are several great suggestions that we would like to reveal to you.

Wheels are constructed with really tough components however keeping your car’s rims looking good needs a extremely delicate process. To make the job a lot faster and easier, most Kansas City automotive detailing shops will use acid-based chemicals to get the grime and brake dust off. This is a bad idea and is used as a kind of shortcut for the high-volume and budget car detailing companies.

It is no secret, using acid to clean anything is a bad idea. Especially automotive wheels, paint and rubber. The same type of acid cleaners were originally made to clean concrete and were never intended to be used on painted or polished surfaces. Premature fading, cracking, pitting and bonding failure are just a few of the major problems that acid cleaners will introduce.

Now that you know what not to use, let’s move to what you should be using. Without giving away any trade secrets, we can tell you to use some good citrus cleaner to get those rims of yours shinning again. Even though you may spend some extra time and elbow grease, detailing your rims with the proper chemicals will make a significant difference.

It is up to you how much shine that you want your tires to have. Some people prefer mat while others prefer a nice shine. All you have to do is scrub completely clean with citrus degreaser, let them dry off then dress them. It doesn’t matter how great a car’s wheels look if the tires are brown, dirty or dry.

Wheel wells are the background of a car’s wheels and tires. To really make a set of wheels and tires to look amazing you need a good background. Cleaning out the wheel wells and then applying a good tire dressing is the auto detailing secret to making a car really pop. This trick will help to make your wheels really stick out.

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